2014 Jun 15 2014

In Loud and Good Sound

in loud and clear

In Loud and Good Sound is a series of four TV episodes that investigated the trajectory of sound in Brazilian cinema. With direction and presentation Zuccolotto Simone, was broadcast in 2013 on Channel Brazil . Despite the full programs are not available online, interesting snippets can be checked on the links below:

2014 May 16 2014

Watch the tables of the Week ABC 2014

Cinemateca Brasileira em São Paulo. The tables are now available for viewing online ABC Week 2014 happened 07-09 May, in Brazilian Cinema in São Paulo. Semana ABC é uma oportunidade única no país de reunião de personalidades de diversas áreas do cinema refletindo sobre o seu mercado de trabalho. Promoted by the Brazilian Association of Cinematography , the ABC Week is a unique opportunity in the country of assembly of personalities from different fields of film reflecting on its labor market. Also providing debates, conferences, panels and master classes that directly contribute to the progress of Brazilian cinema.

This year's debate sound was present in three tables:

Table 01: "Médoto work of the direct sound - The working procedures employed in the capture of the direct sound in the era of digital multitrack: tradition and rupture". Debora Opolski (editora de diálogos) e Willem Dias (montador). With John Godoy (direct sound technician and professor of Audiovisual ECA / USP), Debora Opolski (dialogue editor) and Willem Days (assembler). Mediation Adelmo Luis Manzano (sound supervisor).

Eduardo Santos Mendes (sound designer e professor do curso de Audiovisual da ECA/USP) e Fernando Henna (editor de som). Table 04: "The loudness of the current Brazilian film" With. Va. Flowers (assembler, and sound editor), Eduardo Santos Mendes (designer and professor of Audiovisual ECA / USP sound) and Fernando Henna (sound editor). Mediation Adelmo Luis Manzano (sound supervisor).

Table 08: "Digital Display in commercial cinemas: parameters, technical requirements, implementation and monitoring and the future of display: The rooms, home and laptop." , Renata de Almeida (diretora da Mostra Internacional de Cinema de SP) e Rodrigo Monte (diretor de fotografia). With Kiko Ferraz (sound editor and mixer), Renata de Almeida (Director of the International Film Festival of SP) and Rodrigo Monte (director of photography). Mediation José Francisco Neto (supervisor completion).

Assista as mesas da Semana ABC 2014 na íntegra . To access other tables of the Week ABC in 2014 , just click the link: Watch the tables of the Week ABC in 2014 in its entirety .

2014 May 1 2014

Interview with the sound designer Edson Secco

Edson Secco

sound deigner , de um modo geral ostensivamente mal utilizado, para qualificá-lo: seja por pensar o som dos filmes como um todo integrado (relativizando distinções entre música e ruído, por exemplo); Musician training and previous experience in theater, Edson Secco meets in his film work a number of qualities that justify the use of the term sound deigner, generally blatantly misused to qualify it: the sound is by thinking the films as an integrated whole (diminishing distinctions between music and noise, for example); is the multiplicity of functions it performs and giving a stylistic unity to their work; is still in its early collaboration, still in the script stage, in many of the projects in which it participated. In this conversation, Edson Secco spoke to Artisan Sound of his career and his personal approach of sound in cinema.

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2014 Apr 29 2014

Introduction to Sound Design

Introduction to sound design

The ABC Week 2014 which takes place 07-09 May, in   Brazilian Cinema   in São Paulo, back this year in parallel to its schedule, a space for dissemination and release of books linked to the audiovisual area Featured, the book launch:. " Introduction to Sound Design: an applied analysis of systematic long- film Blindness "by Debora Opolski .

"The book presents a reflection on the process of construction of the sound design. Structured in the form of experience reports and comparative analysis discusses the process of sound creation, raising the question of the contribution of the sound design for the film narrative discourse.

Divided into two parts, the first we have an explanation of a process of sound editing in detail, discussing the importance   post-production and the influence this has on how the film is perceived by the viewer. Presents and objective methods for editing dialogue, foley and sound effects.

Following, we analyze the post-production sound film Blindness in environments in sound effects, and music. The reader will find scenes, situations, and processes specific events in which the techniques and the applicability of each element can be observed in detail. "

2014 Apr 10 2014

I Municipal Conference on Noise, Vibration and Sound Disorder

I Municipal Conference on Noise, Vibration and Sound Disorder

On days 28, 29 and 30 April, the city of São Paulo-SP discusses first combat noise in their urban environment. ProAcústica ), acontece por ocasião do “Dia Internacional da Conscientização sobre o Ruído”, o International Noise Awareness Day (INAD), cuja data oficial neste ano é 30 de abril. The I Municipal Conference on Noise, Vibration and Sound Disorder , sponsored by Municipality of São Paulo and the Brazilian Association for Quality Acoustics ( ProAcústica ) happens on the occasion of "International Day of Awareness about Noise", the International Noise Awareness Day (INAD), whose official date this year is April 30.

The purpose of the event is to sensitize governments and society in general about the negative impacts of noise and sound vibrations on human health, thus creating effective guidelines for legislative and administrative action.

The event is open to the public and free, but space is limited and requires the completion of a "registration form".

Check the schedule and more information: I Municipal Conference on Noise, Vibration and Sound Disorder