2014 Sep 20 2014

The Importance of Sound in Cinema by Geraldo Moraes

Mini documentary made ​​with the director, writer and producer Geraldo Moraes on the importance of sound in cinema.

2014 Sep 17 2014

Roundtable "Soundtrack Digital"

Roundtable on "Soundtrack in the Digital Age" held in Curitiba-PR on September 12 by the school Yellow Audio Institute. Grace Torres e dos músicos Rodrigo Lemos ( Lemoskine ), Demian Garcia e Vadeco . Mediation was John Caserta , with participation of musician Grace Torres and musicians Rodrigo Lemos ( Lemoskine ), Demian Garcia and Vadeco . Watch the full streaming of the table:

2014 Sep 15 2014

History and Technology of the Brazilian Cinema Sound

"A precious record of a speech by a master of the direct sound of the Brazilian Cinema" says David Pennington . 7º Festival Cine Música , o cineasta e técnico de som direto Walter Goulart , um dos profissionais do som cinematográfico mais experientes do Brasil em atividade, contou um pouco da história do som no cinema nacional na companhia de Roberto Carvalho , Fernando Ariani e Gustavo Andriewiski . In September 2013 during the exhibition Historical Resonances - sound technology in Brazilian cinema that was part d the 7th Cine Music Festival , filmmaker and direct sound technician Walter Goulart , one of the most experienced professionals in the cinematic sound of activity in Brazil, told some history of sound in the national cinema in the company of Roberto Carvalho , Fernando Ariani and Gustavo Andriewiski . Registration David Pennington .

2014 Sep 9 2014

What mysteries lurk soundtracks?

art artist

The program The Art of Artist 's TV Brazil, produced a special edition to "unravel the mysteries that lie behind the soundtracks, an artistic genre that brings together music, voices, noises and various sound effects to give more life and excitement to movies , novels, plays and television programs. "

Tato Taborda , o gerente-executivo de música da TV Brasil Ricardo Vilas , e Flavia Ventura , que compõe algumas trilhas para o próprio Arte do Artista. The program relies on the testimony of renowned professionals of the area as the composer David Tygel , conductor and music producer Tato Taborda , the executive manager of the music TV Brazil Ricardo Vilas , and Flavia Ventura , who composes some tracks for the Art itself Artist.

Check out the full program "What mysteries lurk soundtracks?" Page: The Art of the Artist

2014 Aug 26 2014

8th Festival CineMúsica

8th Festival CineMúsica
8º Cine Música – Festival de Cinema de Conservatória , único festival de cinema do país dedicado exclusivamente à trilha sonora dos filmes. 04 to September 7 happens in the city of Registrar-RJ the 8th Cine Music - Film Festival Conservatory , only film festival in the country dedicated exclusively to the soundtrack of the film. This year's theme is forró and the event is open to the public with free admission!

Recalling that the festival also receives this year's Second National Meeting Professionals Sound of Brazilian Cinema .

Following is the list of films and award-winning professionals in the 8th Festival Cine Music :

Trophy CineMúsica

Best Sound: " Sylvester "(awarded: Lina Chamie, Eduardo Santos Mendes, Luiz Manzano Adelmo, Tide Borges, Brazil Rene, Louis Robin, Eric Christani Ribeiro, Luiz Fernandes and Ricardo Farias)

Best Sound Mixer: " Serra Pelada "(award: John Godoy, Marcelo Raposo and Ubiratan da Silva - Bira)

Best Mixing and Best Noise Room (foley): " Tattoo "(awarded: Ricardo Cutz, Philip Burger and Renato Marques Galimberti)

Best Sound Design: " Praia do Futuro "(awarded: Waldir Xavier)

Best Sound Editing: " Morro dos Prazeres "(awarded: Bernardo Uzeda)

Best Sound Effects: " River Stream "(awarded: Ricardo Reis Chui)

Best Original Song: " The Boy and The World "(winners: Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat)

Best Song: " When I Was Alive "(winners: Marco Dutra and Caetano Gotthard)

Best Musical Selection: " Exiles of the Volcano "(awarded: Fábio Andrade)

Best Direction Dubbing: " Sweet Asbestos "(awarded: Guto Parente and Erik Paiva)

Short Light Trophy

Best Sound: "9493" (awarded: Marcellus L.)

Best Sound Design: "Let Diana in Peace" (awarded: Carlos Montenegro and Cláudio Nascimento)

Best Sound Mixer: "All These Days when I am Stranger" (awarded: Evandro Lima)

Programação Completa do 8º Festival CineMúsica Also check out the full schedule of Festival 8 Cine Music : Full Schedule of the 8th Festival CineMúsica