2014 Mar 29 2014

The Art of Sound Mixer

7º Festival CineMúsica eo I Encontro Nacional de Profissionais de Som do Cinema Brasileiro . The Certified Sound Mixer Walter Goulart , one of the most experienced professionals in the cinematic sound of Brazil in activity, says the art of Direct Sound in an interview with David Pennington at 09/08/2013, during the 7th CineMúsica Festival and I National Meeting Professionals Sound of Brazilian Cinema .

2014 Mar 11 2014

JLS Sound Facilities


Artisans Sound now has the support of JLS Sound facilities . JLS Facilidades Sonoras , fundado em junho de 1993, é uma das principais empresas de finalização sonora de filmes do Brasil e tem como seu Diretor, José Luiz Sasso , um profissional com mais de 45 anos de experiência em áudio para cinema, o que o coloca em paralelo com parte da própria história da evolução técnica e criativa do som no Cinema Brasileiro. The Studio JLS , a trademark of JLS Sound Facilities , founded in June 1993, is a leading sound finalization of films from Brazil and has as its Director, José Luiz Sasso , a professional with over 45 years experience in audio for film, which puts him alongside part of the history of technology and creative evolution of sound in Brazilian Cinema.

Learn more about JLS: JLS Studio

2014 2 Mar 2014

The Silent Dying

"Silence is an endangered species," says Gordon Hempton . Hempton também costuma dizer que “a Terra é uma jukebox movida a energia solar”. Founder and vice president of The One Square Inch of Silence Foundation , Hempton also say that "the Earth is a solar powered jukebox." Acoustic ecologist and protagonist of the film Soundtracker - Gordon Hempton of the portrait , which shows that "silence is not the absence of something, but the presence of all," follows diffusing the need and importance of preserve the natural sounds worldwide. In this lecture delivered to the Ted x Amazon , he develops a bit more of your ideas and goals.

20 years ago Gordon Hempton also visited the Brazilian Amazon to make some recordings. Recently he returned. Check out how this sounded last meeting:

2014 Feb 22 2014

Experience the Cinema of Lucrecia Martel

The movie experience by Lucrecia Martel

Experience the Cinema of Lucrecia Martel: waste of time and sounds poolside (Ed. Alameda, 2014) is the most recent national book dedicated to reflection on the cinematic sound. The author is researcher Natalia Christofoletti Barrenha .

"T his is a book for someone who knows how to listen. It is common to find critics who see know, but it is very rare to find a critic who knows how to listen. And this is one of those cases, because when Natalia writes that "people are fragmented by the environment - the bodies insinuated more than show, as the characters whisper rather than speak truly," reads in a logical whisper of desire, the beliefs and social classes.

And makes the reader notice how, in a sound, can be noticed different levels of meaning. Because, as we see in the book, "the sound is the best way to share the perception of someone." Reining in the maze of Lucrecia Martel only by the mass of sounds, the author analyzes the family and Catholicism, keys in the world of Martel. Silvina Ocampo . And, more unexpectedly, the influence of westerns and horror films and Class B, the weight of the oral narratives of Salta and dialogue with the literature of Horacio Quiroga and Silvina Ocampo .

This book, by all means, enjoys not only as a film critic. Can also be read as a study of comparative criticism: not in the sense that confronts the filmography of two countries (Brazil and Argentina), but in a much deeper sense. It's the look of a Brazilian film about the work of an Argentinean director. No representations or false dramatics, Natalia watches and listens with the freshness of a foreign and wisdom of those who understand cinema. "

About the author: Natalia Christofoletti Barrenha   is a doctoral student in the Graduate Program in Multimedia, State University of Campinas (Unicamp), in which he also developed his Master thesis - origin of this book. She graduated in Social Communication - Journalism from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP / Bauru).

2014 Feb 17 2014

About Sound and Narrative

5° Encontro Ficção Viva em Curitiba-PR com a seguinte descrição: In May 2013, the Argentine filmmaker Lucrecia Martel , known for making films with sophisticated audiovisual relationships and always be alert to the potential of the sound element in his works from the script, held a workshop on 5th Meeting Fiction Live in Curitiba-PR with the following Description:

"Immersed in the air, as in a large empty pool of water, so we are. We grew from conversations, waves that travel through the air and around us, in the cross. But we consecrate our time to the eye. Is there a way to build the theater and from the sound of all sounds, that of the mother tongue. Brief reference to the construction of visual space based on sound, and script writing in layers. "
Lucrecia Martel

The project Fiction Viva recently published the transcript of this workshop is available for viewing online. More a rich reference material for those who value and want to expand the possibilities for audiovisual creation in cinema.