2015 9 Sep 2015

CineMúsica catalog 2015

It is available for review and query the CineMúsica 2015 catalog . catalog containing a valuable historic and very important material for the development of national cinema. Especially the transcript of the tables II National Brazilian Cinema Sound Professionals Meeting and a diversity of information on the processes of creation and sound works in films told by experts in the field.

Enjoy your reading!

CineMúsica catalog 2015

2015 9 Sep 2015

Synthesis of III ENPSCB


We, participants of the III National Brazilian Cinema Sound Professionals Meeting, meeting on the 9th Festival CineMúsica, 04-07 of September 2015 and in the Conservatory-RJ, evaluated the achievements from the first meeting in 2013 and realized that:

- The interaction between guests promoted in the three years the meeting materialized creating work experience outside the festival, better communication between professionals from different etap the sound film production;
- The role of educating new generations about sound in cinema is fundamental and our task. To do so, we follow inspired by the pioneering work of the renowned sound director Walter Goulart looking to consolidate our specific technical knowledge;
- The presence of Latin American sound professionals has proven important to promote and expand the exchange of technical and market practices.

For the Fourth Meeting to be held in September 2016, our interaction with universities and technical training courses will be expanded, as well as our effort to:
- To improve the display quality in CineMúsica Festival, ensuring the calibration of the display room of the award-winning films and standardization of the production of copies;
- Expand partnerships to stimulate the better performance of our professionals and increase the technical quality of our industrial park;
- To continue the publication of the proceedings of the meetings and technical documents to make sound methodology.
CTAv e a ROB FILMES . Thank you again for partnerships with SEBRAE, the DELART, the CTAv and MOVIES ROB.

2015 Aug 17 2015

Book: How the sound of Carlos Abbate Film

Carlos Abbate


MIS , dentro da programação do 26 o Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de São Paulo . A year after its release in Spanish, Argentina, Carlos Abbate casts his book in Portuguese in Sao Paulo, August 27 at 18pm at MIS, within the program of the 26th International Short Film Festival of Sao Paulo.

III Encontro Nacional de Profissionais de Som do Cinema Brasileiro , para uma sessão de autógrafos e para participar da mesa de debate “Som e Montagem: interação técnica e conceitual” com Karen Akerman , Ricardo Pretti , Vanessa Marques e mediação de Maria Byington . On the day of Sept. 05 will be in the Conservatory / RJ, within the program of the 9th Festival Cine Music and III National Meeting of Brazilian Cinema Sound Professionals, to an autograph session and to participate in the table discussion "Sound and Editing: interaction technical and conceptual "with Karen Akerman, Ricardo Pretti, Vanessa Marques and mediation Maria Byington.

Book review:

Yes, the world is not lost it, and sometimes there is good news. One is the launch of a book on the sound achievement in film, rare subject of meeting in the bibliographies on the subject. And the cool thing about this news is that this book was chosen to open a own issues of design ENERC (National School of Experimentation y Film Realización) and had the support of INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Audiovisuales Arts) there in Argentina .

The book was written by Carlos Abbate, Sound course coordinator of this important film school and one of the most recognized Argentine sound directors, having to his credit films like Son of the Bride (J J. Campanella), The Whore and the Whale (Luis Puenzo), Kamchatka (M. Pineyro), among others. Continue reading

2015 Aug 10 2015

III National Meeting of Sound Professionals of the Brazilian Cinema


Days 04-07 of September takes place in the city of Registrar-RJ the III National Brazilian Cinema Sound Professionals Meeting. The event's main objective is to contribute to greater integration among the professionals of the national cinema sound. Linked   the 9th Cine Music - Conservatory Film Festival, is an opportunity to showcase the activities related to film sound universe of the country is also becoming a new space for reflection and debate issues related to audiovisual realization market, education and to research the sound of cinema in Brazil. The meeting consists of roundtable discussions, lectures and workshop that complement the programming of the Cine Music, one of the country's film festival devoted exclusively to the soundtrack of the film.

The event is open to the public with free admission!

2015 schedule III ENPSCB:

04 SEPTEMBER - Friday

  • 14h - 16h: Personality Sonora: Victor Raposeiro
  • 16h - 18h: International Guest: Carlos Klachquin with the lecture "Mixing object-oriented and the implementation of the Atmos system"

05 SEPTEMBER - Saturday

06 SEPTEMBER - Sunday

  • 09h-12h: Foley Workshop (Part II) with Guta Roim, Felipe Marques, Christian Vaisz, Rosana Stefanoni and Renato Galimberti.
  • 14h - 16h: Tribute to Hernani Heffner.
  • 18h: Plenary III ENPSCB.

2015 Aug 6 2015


festival soundtrack
The 1st Festival SOUNDTRACK emphasizes the role of sound in major productions of Cinema. The program is free and meets from classics, like the movie "Cinema Paradiso" by Giuseppe Tornatore, until recent productions. Music is the artistic language highlighted in the 1st Festival SOUNDTRACK, held in Brasilia, between 7 and 11 August 2015. The public can watch a selection of films by famous songs, and participated in a chat on the soundtrack with the band's lead singer Plebe Rude, Philippe Seabra, awarded by the trail of the composition of the film "Wild West Caboclo". You will also have the opportunity to attend a session of the silent film "Carlitos Police" (1916), with soundtrack performed at the piano.

The opening session pays tribute to Brasilia with the documentary "Home Furniture" by director José Eduardo Belmonte. The band Colonial Furniture Acaju will comment on the film immediately after viewing. And on Sunday (09), Father's Day, the film The Kid (1921), Charlie Chaplin, commemorates the date. Parents and children attended the session together win gifts. The first Brasilia festival dedicated to the soundtrack is an initiative of the composer and sound designer Gabriel Pinheiro, who is also the curator of the event. Production is in charge of Bunch Movies.